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Kickin it

Oh so Tough

Tough Girls
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All Members , Moderated
This is a rating community for women who know how tough they are, and know there's nothing left to prove for anyone. Follow the rules, read the application, and don't be a bitch to members. Males need not apply!

1. You must be female. (Except Tom)
2. Do NOT remove your own application or ANY comments unless you want to be banned from this community.
3. You may not post unless you are a stamped member--except applications!
4. If you haven't been stamped yet, you cannot comment on any post other than your application.

4. All applications MUST be under an LJ cut. Failure to do so will result in your application being deleted.
5. Put "Knock him down" as your application's subject to show you read the rules.
6. You MUST apply within 72 hours of joining the community. (For all you fucktards out there who don't know how long that is--forget about joining)
7. If you don't intend to use proper punctuation/spelling/grammar (or at least try to, I suggest you find another community. We don't like having to translate applications from "Idiot" into "English". Any applications like this will most likely be auto-rejects. If you haven't had enough schooling to spell out words completely, find another fucking community.
8. Do NOT, and I repeat DO NOT respond to every single fucking comment on your application. Jeez.
9. A bit of advice: if you don't understand a word in the application (i.e. vices), try to look it up in the dictionary or something instead of saying that you have no clue what it means because then you will come across as both stupid and ignorant, which I'm sure you're not because you're applying here! :-)
10. This is not a community based solely on appearance, but it doesn't mean we want a community of ghosts. Post pics on your application!
11. If you bitch at any of the stamped members, you will be automatically rejected. If said bitching continues, you will be banned, without a chance to re-apply.
12. If you're rejected, you have to leave the community. You were rejected, remember?
13. If you're rejected, you can re-apply in one week IF and ONLY IF you are stamped with a "reapply" request.
14. Any applications that don't follow the rules will be deleted and the poster will be banned. (Except applications from guys, those can be ridiculed and such...)
15. Every so often the application will change, as will the subject line requirement for applications. So check back in here every so often.
16. Oh and if you're sensitive, don't bother applying. Your feelings will probably be hurt.

17. You must remain active/vote. If you will be unable to vote and such, please post about it so you aren't removed from the community.
18. Be blunt. Be honest. Be a bitch if you want. As long as you back up your reasons for your votes, it's all good.
19. You can post about anything you'd like, except whining about losing to boys and such. But none of you would do that, right? :-)
20. You may promote in this community ONLY if you promote this community elsewhere. Include the link to where you promoted us in the post, or it will be deleted without warning.
21. Once you have been accepted, post a comment to the member's page with a 100x100 picture of yourself so that you may be added to our list!


About you
1. What's your name?
2. Where did you find us?
3. 3 reasons why you're a tough girl:
4. How old are you?
5. Your favorite flavor of ice cream?
6. Your favorite drink?
7.What are your vices?
8 4 BIGGEST pet peeves:
9.Favorite pastimes:
10. Do you shower every day or every other day?
11. What is your preferred form of entertainment?

Finish the sentence
12. What makes me so tough is
13. I know that you
14. You'd never understand that
15. What is
16. There are no stupid

17. How do you feel about Michael Moore?
18. How do you feel about John Kerry?
19. Your views on euthanasia:
20. If you could change one thing in the world, without having the worry of finances and feasiblity, what would it be and why?
21. Do you give to charity? Which ones? Why?

22. Post AT LEAST 3 clear pics.

23. Link to at least one community which you promoted this in:

Members List!